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Brownstone Playhouse: Children's Playhouses & Accessories
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About Brownstone Playhouse

Brownstone Playhouse is a wholesaler of children's playhouses and dollhouses. We also sell Brownstone Collectables: limited edition dolls and doll furniture, direct to collectors and families.

Brownstone Playhouse began out of a need to create a replica brownstone for my own children to play in: a playhouse that represented, validated and mirrored their world and their experiences. I could not find a brownstone or townhouse playhouse anywhere in the children's toy market.

I had no alternative but to design and build the playhouse for them. Friends and their children would come over on playdates and want a house of their own and that is how Brownstone Playhouse started.

Kiko rag doll


Our Designs

We make Brownstone Playhouse products to sensitively tap into the feelings for times past, while striving to present them in a modern style. Our colors, patterns, surfaces and texture symbolize our sensitivity to all of our customers. Brownstone Playhouse designs simply reflect the child and the cultures of all of us.

Our Philosophy, Objective & Guarantee

Brownstone Playhouse is a company that strives to create products that are innovative, unique and educational. We develop these products and incorporate a multi-cultural and international design sensibility that reflects our customers: a mosaic community of today. Our products also include well crafted, detail oriented, one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces made with love for someone to love, and intended for the child in all of us.

If it's not playful or educational then it isn't our product.

—Milady Hartmann

(Owner, designer and mother)

NEW The Commedia dell'Arte Doll Collection

Brownstone Playhouse presents a limited edition collection of Commedia dell'art dolls for the Splendore de Venicia exhibit at the Musee des Beaux Arts de Montreal (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts). This exclusive collection can only be purchased at the museum.

NEW  Limited Edition Doll at The Nutcracker Market

The special limited edition version of our doll Kiko is available for a limited time at The Nutcracker Market (Le Marche Casse-Noisette).

Our Playhouses

The large playhouse, "The 1890," is a perfect child-size playhouse. Children can play both inside and outside of a structure inspired by historic 19th century Brooklyn-style brownstone homes.

Our smaller brownstone dollhouse "The Breukelen" is the perfect portable version of a building in this historic architectural style.

Our Dolls & Furnture

Brownstone Playhouse presents Brownstone Collectables. Our handmade, one-of-a-kind, limited edition rag dolls and doll furniture are like nothing that you've ever seen! These are collector’s items that can be handed down from older child to younger child and from generation to generation like heirlooms. Our collectables are timeless, desired pieces for all ages.

Our adorable rag dolls, Sabine, Melange, Audrey and Kiko, and our charming selection of furniture are conversation pieces that make a statement wherever they are. Each doll is made to order and is unique. The girls all have personality to boot. Collect them all — they'll become a part of the family. Our doll furniture is elegant and luxurious. Who knew doll furniture could look like this? These eye-catchers are made to order and are also unique pieces. Brownstone Collectables can also be placed inside and on the shelves of our 1890 Playhouse. (Since every house needs furniture to doll it up.)

A free gift is included with the purchase of any Brownstone doll or furniture collectable. Get your favorites while they are still available. And return to our site to browse our latest pieces or join our mailing list to be notified when we have something brand new.

the 1890 (large playhouse)

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The Commedia dell'Arte Doll Collectionl

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Kiko doll

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